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Villa Kokkonen

Kuva: Järvenpään taidemuseo

The newest addition to the Lake Tuusula artists’ homes, Villa Kokkonen, was completed in Järvenpää in 1969 as the home of composer Joonas Kokkonen. The building has become known, among other things, on the wild story of its architect Alvar Aalto drawing the first plans of the house on a napkin in a restaurant during a night out. Among the buildings designed by Aalto, Villa Kokkonen is a real rarity as a private home and a must-see destination for architecture fans. The house also still has the composer’s excellent grand piano.

Villa Kokkonen is owned by the municipality of Järvenpää.


Villa Kokkonen is located in Järvenpää’s Vanhankylänniemi. It is three kilometers from Järvenpää train station to Villa Kokkonen, and the distance is suitable for cycling or walking. Local bus number 21 also operates between the railway station and Vanhankylänniemi. Check the up-to-date timetables here.

There is a parking space near Villa Kokkonen in Tuulimyllyntie, approx. 50 meters from Villa Kokkonen.

Address: Tuulimyllyntie 5, Järvenpää
Phone: 040 315 2123
email: [email protected]



Villa Kokkonen is not completely barrier-free. The interiors can be made accessible with a wheelchair ramp and there are no thresholds in the interiors. Villa Kokkonen does not have an accessible toilet. The nearest parking spaces are 50 meters away on Tuulimyllintie, however, temporary parking is allowed next to the notice board by the house gate. From the gate it is a 20-meter journey along a gently rising sand path to Villa Kokkonen.

Impivaaran piha, Krapin Onnela

Ravintola Tiilitehdas

Kuva: Maria Saikkonen

Jokela’s industrial-romantic brick factory woke up to a new era in the summer of 2021, when the cultural association Jekku ry. kicked off a summer restaurant and started hosting gigs in this industrial building dating from 1847. At its peak, the factory produced more than 8 million bricks per year, and now it provides versatile recreation for the Jokela village community and the public around the capital region during the summer season. Restaurant Brick Factory has changing menus and a large beer selection.


Restaurant Brick Factory can be easily reached by train or car. The Brick Factory is located a 300-meter walk from the Jokela train station The commuter train R from Helsinki or Tampere stops in Jokela. When arriving with your own car, please note that you cannot park right next to the Brick Factory. The nearest parking areas can be found in the Jokela train station parking lot.

Address: Nukarintie 5, 05400 Jokela
email: [email protected]


The Brick Factory is a historic industrial building and a museum and is unfortunately not accessible for all. The floor is partially uneven concrete. The base of the terrace outdoors is sand and asphalt.

Jokelan kirjasto

Tuusulan pääkirjasto

Kanniston vanha päiväkoti

Lavastusluonnos Pinnan alla -teokseen. © Ia Ensterä


Ainola is located close to Lake Tuusula in Järvenpää. It was the home of Jean Sibelius and his family from 1904. Jean and Aino Sibelius lived at Ainola until the end of their lives: Jean died at Ainola in 1957, Aino in 1969. After their parents’ death, the couple’s daughters sold Ainola to the Finnish State in 1972. Currently Ainola is a special museum under the auspices of the National Board of Antiquities. The Ainola Foundation administers the property in this capacity.

The building with ticket sales and café is fully accessible. There is also a handicapped toilet there. On the porch of the museum building there is a handicap elevator. The personnel will assist with the use of the elevator. In here you can find more information about accessibility.

Address: Ainolankatu, 04400 Järvenpää



Pekka Halonen is one of the most beloved artists of the ‘Golden Era’ of Finnish art. A versatile artist and master portrayer of Finnish landscapes and people, he absorbed the latest international trends and ingeniously applied these to the depiction of Finnish nature. The countryside around Lake Tuusula provided him with a rich source of ideas and inspiration, and it was there that Halonen developed the distinctive style for which he is renowned. Today the home has been turned in to a museum.

The museum hosts annually 4-5 theme exhibitions showcasing Halonen’s art side by side with the work of his contemporaries and later generations of artists up to the present day.

The distance between the parking lot and the museum is about 100 meters. There is a partial guard rail in the staircase leading to the atelier building. A ramp for the wheelchair can be installed in the kitchen staircase – it is desirable to inform about this need in advance. The angle of climb is sharp, so assistance is required. Guide dogs are welcome to Halosenniemi. More information about the accessibility on the website of Halosenniemi (only in Finnish).

Address: Halosenniementie 4-6, 04310 Tuusula
tel. +358 9 8718 3461



Concert- and conference center was built in 1987. The Sibelius-hall acoustic design was made by Alpo Halme. In addition to the concert hall, you will find an art exhibition, lunch restaurant and the Järvenpää tourist info. Next to Järvenpää-house lies a library and newly renovated Järvenpää art museum.

There is unobstructed access to the main entrance and hall of Järvenpää-house. The main door opens automatically. There is open access with wheelchair in all public areas inside the house. In the auditorium of the Sibelius-hall you can find five wheelchair seats. Two disabled parking spaces can be found opposite to the main entrance. Accessible toilets are in the main lobby and in the hall of the conference area. There is an inductive loop in the Sibelius-hall. More information about accessibility on the website of Järvenpää-house (only in Finnish).

Address: Hallintokatu 4, 04400 Järvenpää


Tiloihin on esteetön pääsy Inva P-paikka Inva-WC Tilassa indiktiosilmukka

Järvenpään kirkko

Built in 1968, this concrete element church is a work of architect Erkki Elomaa.

Address: Kirkkotie 1-3, Järvenpää

Kallio-Kuninkala, Leonora-sali

Paloheimo family mansion is today a concert centrum for Sibelius Academy and doubles as the heart of Our Festival. The upper level of the old barn is restaured into a beautiful modern chamber music hall.

Address: Ristinummentie 6, 04400 Järvenpää



Tiloihin on esteetön pääsy Inva P-paikkaKahvila


Villa of painter Eero Järnefelt is nowadays a private home.

Parking at Seurakuntaopisto.

Address: Suviranta, Eero Järnefelt’s atelier, Järvenpää.

Tuusulan kirkko

Beautiful cross-shaped wooden church was built in 1734.

There is a wheelchair ramp in the church. Switch the hearing aid to T or MT position. The inductive loop works best next to the wall. More information about accessibility on the website of Tuusula church (only in Finnish).

Address: Kirkkotie 34, Tuusula


Tiloihin on esteetön pääsy Inva P-paikkaTilassa indiktiosilmukka

Kallio-Kuninkalan puutarha

Paloheimo family mansion is today a concert centrum for Sibelius Academy, as well as the heart of Our festival. The upper level of the old barn is restaured into a beautiful modern chamber music hall.

Address: Ristinummentie 6, 04400 Järvenpää


Tiloihin on esteetön pääsy Inva P-paikkaKahvila

Photos: Maarit Kytöharju / Our Festival