Marouf Majidi

Marouf Majidi was born in Iran, and has lived and studied in Turkey, Africa and the Netherlands. He moved to Finland 14 years ago where he graduated with a Master’s degree Finnish folk music at Sibelius Academy. He plays the Kurdish Tanbur, the Persian Tar and the guitar. As an acclaimed composer, musician and singer, who has integrated into Finnish society, his work combines and crosses cultural influences from all over the world. Working with musicians and dancers from different backgrounds across Europe, Middle East and Africa, collaborating with folk, traditional, Scandinavian jazz of his new homeland, Nordic, Flamenco, African and Latin. With his Baranband he aims to develop beautiful meaningful words to describe his background, story of migration and history. His recent project Ma Rouf has roots in Middle Eastern Tradition but inspired by the Scandinavian Jazz influence of his new homeland.


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