Samira Brahmia

Born in France, Samira Brahmia grew up and lived a large part of her life in Algeria. She discovered music as a child, trying the piano.

Influenced, very early, by the Anglo-Saxon culture, this author, composer, performer, mixes pop-rock influences, African and Algerian traditions in her songs.

Samira is a singer who claims her plural identity and aims to subvert the aesthetic status quo with her art, making it travel beyond established norms. The variety of her skills can be seen in various editions of ”Les folles nuits berbères”, ”Barbès Café” and ”Cabaret Tam Tam” in Cabaret Sauvage.

Samira, who likes the swing of Ella Fitzgerald, the groove of Cheikha Rimitti, the ardor of Edith Piaf, the saudade of Cesaria Evora, has like its famous elders a voice whose grain, the dynamics, the texture, the class recalls those that are said to heal the souls.

In her own words, Samira ”believe[s] in music because it allows [me] to believe in the human and [I am] convinced that it can save the world”.

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