Our Festival

Järvenpää / Tuusula
Artistic Director: Kamus Quartet

“Our Festival is gentle. It lives in these beautiful little places, in living rooms, on lakes, in forests, and wants to whisper some exciting things into your ears. We’ll be sharing a secret. Our Festival wants to invent new flexible forms for concerts, where the message is more important than dress codes or good behaviour.”
– Pekka Kuusisto, Our Artistic Director 1999–2018

Our Festival (in Finnish: Meidän Festivaali) is renowned for its fresh approach to the arts and crossover events. The bold, open-minded and socially aware event was first held in 1997 as Chamber Music by Lake Tuusula and is now an annual event.

The shores of Lake Tuusula provide a backdrop for a unique journey into Finland’s rich cultural history, for it is here that Jean Sibelius, Pekka Halonen, Eero Järnefelt and other artists of ”the Golden Era” once made their homes. The event, originally called Chamber Music by Lake Tuusula, was renamed Our Festival in 2010.

Under its past Artistic Director Pekka Kuusisto the festival built a reputation as a bold, yet subtle and gentle event, that aims to open up it’s audiences ears and minds. The current Artistic Director Kamus Quartet started their tenure in summer 2019. The Festival continuously seeks new perspectives on musical encounters and concert practices, with an aim to give the audience an experience that simply is not available elsewhere. Combining a unique group of musicians, designers and artists from Finland and abroad, the festival is a celebration of creativity and communication in the arts.

Our Festival has been recognized with awards such as the accolade of Festival of the Year in 2011 by Finland Festivals, Finland’s State Prize for Music in year 2013 and The Classical Music Festival of the Year by Music&Media in 2021. Our Festival is organised by the Järvenpää Sibelius Society.

The next Our Festival takes place from 23 to 29 July 2023 at various locations in the landscapes of Lake Tuusula only half an hour’s drive north from Finland’s capital, Helsinki.

Photos by Maarit Kytöharju / Our Festival